"I have to say I am absolutely delighted with the way the build is going, it looks fabulous and your guys are marvellous!   They've had to struggle through some rubbish weather but they are dedicated and hardworking, friendly and conscientious. I wish my builders had been like them! The sedum is being laid as we speak and what a difference it makes to the whole aspect."

Karen Beale | Colchester, Essex

"Nearly four years since my build, and I can't imagine life without it. Life enhancing doesn't do it justice!"

Juliet Miles-Lea | Hollingbourne, Kent

"Well we are all fabulously, ridiculously pleased with the way things have worked out and with the rotunda itself. It's gorgeous. The guys have been simply wonderful - hard-working, friendly, patient, discreet, basically 100% right-on..."

Sharon Black | France

"Our Rotunda looks like it has always been here.  There is no obvious sign that it is a new build, it just fits beautifully in our already wonderful Forest School landscape as if it was always meant to be. We have already used our Rotunda for several meetings and have started to get lettings enquiries already!"

Katie Cresswell | Alfreton Nursery School

"I don't know whether to call it incredible luck and good fortune or to say I have blessed to have met the Rotunda team"

"On a product front I searched the internet and when I came across your site it felt like finally I had found what I was looking for. The Rotunda you built in my garden is awesome, the entire time it was being put up it rained and the guys had to work in horrible conditions. In spite of this they didn't complain and did a wonderful job. It is a very special place which I use for doing art in and meditation. I love it."

"Working together to make six more roundhouses had been amazing. It has been creative, inspiring and an absolute joy. You have surpassed my dreams for what you have done and it has been so much fun doing it. But it is not just that the product is great, the Rotunda team is amazing. They are not just professional and talented, ethical and visionary but also the loveliest people you will ever meet. They have been patient and kind, a real dream team. Thank you is not enough. Xxx"

Sally Woods | Millom - Lake District

"Having discovered Rotunda Roundhouses we knew instantly that this was going to be the way forward for our beautiful coastal site. Gemma and the team were very patient and fully committed in bringing to life our fantastic idea that has been even better than we could have hoped. We are so glad they are nice, down to earth professional people with a great product. It makes it easier when we go back for another 9 units!"

Naomi Black | East Thorne - Bude

"Our three Rotunda roundhouses are aesthetically very beautiful, environmentally sustainable, incredibly spacious, and nestle perfectly within our rural Derbyshire valley. As each of our buildings were constructed the roundhouse designs evolved and developed and the Rotunda Team ensured the buildings more than met our exacting needs. Twelve months on they are still happy to provide support. Thank you so much to all the Rotunda team."

Pam Brown | Nether Farm Roundhouses

"I came in this morning to find my new roundhouse name plate and I love it! Its just such a kind gesture and it completes a journey with your company that has been above and beyond at every stage. Its been such a great experience to work with a company that genuinely care about the customer experience and you deserve to be very successful because of that."

Paul | The Yurt Retreat

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