Below we have included some of the more commonly asked questions about the Rotunda Round Modular Building. If you have further any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help answer any questions you may have.

In most cases, the answer is 'no'.
However, if you are looking to install a Rotunda which may take up over 50% of your garden and you are intending to connect it to the mains water supply (or use it commercially for accommodation) you may very well need to seek planning approval.
Please see our Planning Tips page for further information.

There are a more reasons to build in the round than to build rectilinear, a summary of some of our main reasons are listed here:

- Circular Buildings are more energy efficient

- The resources required to build are <30% compared to a rectilinear building for the same amount of floor area (fewer corners, less wall space required!) In a world where we're depleting natural resources faster than we should be, this is a significant way to reduce our carbon footprint.

- for groups of people, being 'in the round' is one of the few spaces where people are equal - no-one is excluded.

- It's an iconic form, which connects us to our ancestors and roots to earlier civilisations.

- Circular buildings sit unobtrusively in the natural environment. No creature on this planet (other than human) builds a rectilinear nest. The circular form is more natural.

- Round buildings feel different; dubbed as 'healing spaces' by our clients, they're soothing but uplifting, calming and nurturing, warm and invigorating.  There is an amazing feeling which accompanies the aesthetics!

Once we arrive on site, the average amount of time required for a full installation of a round modular building is around 15 days. 

When you purchase a Rotunda, you receive a 'fully installed' round modular building.
This means, all of the glazing, electrics, internal finishes and external finishes included within the fully insulated building. The building is cleaned and left in an impeccable condition on the final day of installation and any 'extras' you might have specified (such as wiring for a television or a cupboard for the fridge) are checked over with you and the building is then ready for you to furnish! 

Yes, we can provide you with a full 'garden office' package including shelves, a desk, telephone and ethernet ports if you require them.
In addition, we can build bathroom units, kitchenettes and custom built wardrobes and storage units into your round modular building. Please do check with us when you enquire and we'll draw up a quote for you. 

Due to the bespoke element of the Rotunda round modular building, the prices fluctuate dependent on final finishes, raw materials and haulage rates. The base price for a small structure starts at around £15000.00, whereas a 6.5m commercial hotel suite can cost between £38,000.00 to £56,000.00.  The general rule of thumb would be to calculate £1200.00 per m2.