Why Round? @ Rotunda Roundhouses – Unique Garden Rooms & Yurt Style Eco-Buildings

We at Rotunda wholeheartedly believe that our built environment affects our psychology on a daily basis and can certainly affect our well-being on both a physical and emotional level. Our human connection with round buildings is hard-wired into our subconscious; round is a familiar and soothing shape in nature, from birds nests and unfurling ferns to the swirling events in our atmosphere.

Our ancient Ancestral homes were round and beautiful. Yurts, igloos, wigwams and tipis, even our mothers womb……

The earliest structures built by all civilisations were round. And for good reason: Round structures are more efficient to build and to heat, provide a greater floor area and provide the greatest structural strength of any other form.

We pride ourselves on being the only Modular Buildings manufacturer who specialises exclusively in quality circular eco-buildings.

In addition to the anthropological reasons; the round is also beneficial for the below reasons:

– To build to a circular footprint is 30% more resource efficient for the same floor area as a rectilinear structure

– The thermal dynamics of a circular space are optimum, meaning that there is a constant movement of air within the building reducing the requirement for mechanical ventilation

– The space-planning and the flow of movement within circular rooms are much easier to achieve, especially within larger commercial buildings where disabled access and ramps are a requirement.

Please see ‘Our Inspiration‘ and ‘Our Philosophy‘ to learn more about why we will only ever build ‘in the round‘.