Rotunda Roundhouses – Unique Garden Rooms & Yurt Style Eco-Buildings

The baby Rotunda! The first size to launch our range almost a decade ago, was the wee little 3.5m Rotunda. These make excellent garden hideouts! We find that the clients who seek these little gems use them as therapy and counselling spaces, reiki healing studios and garden offices. Suitable for 2-3 people – both can fit a bed and an armchair and are cosy but perfectly adequate for workable space on a budget.

The interior of a 3.5m Rotunda yoga studio. Suitable for an individual to use as a solitary retreat space. Suitable for two people seated for reflexology or reiki.

The 4m Rotunda as shown above and below is a reasonable size for a group of 3-4 people and can be an excellent art studio, office, reading den or spare guest room. 4m units have an internal floor area of 12m2.