Bespoke sizes @ Rotunda Roundhouses – Unique Garden Rooms & Yurt Style Eco-Buildings

As the saying goes in our world, “no two Rotunda are ever the same” and unique designs and innovation are at the forefront of what we do. Over the past few years we’ve slingshot past our standard range and developed a plethora of highly bespoke larger commercial packages for schools, homeowners and hoteliers.

Our central roundel range runs from a 7m diameter through to 20m diameter and features now include double storey models, curved sliding glass walls, multi-rotunda buildings connected in a seamless flow of curved walls and enormous sweeping verandas and balconies.

8m external diameter building with extension wings and a sweeping veranda

These designs always require planning permission and buildings control and are designed around our clients’ requirements.

If you have a bespoke or commercial building in mind for your project, please do call us for a non-obligation site survey or telephone conversation so we can identify your needs and design a building ‘a-round’ you!

A 14m diameter yoga studio in East Sussex
mid-construction on our 5 bedroom Eco-home in Cheshire
A double-storey unit entering into manufacture late 2020
The interior of a 7.5m external diameter classroom for an infant school