The Journey @ Rotunda Roundhouses – Unique Garden Rooms & Yurt Style Eco-Buildings

The Journey

The simple steps from site survey to your very own Rotunda roundhouse…

As the saying goes, the journey is just as important as the destination and we are here to make your experience of purchasing and enjoying your personal Rotunda effortless, enjoyable and exciting… it’s reassuring to know that we’re always here to assist you with bespoke design ideas and to advise and guide you as you plan your space.

If you wish to contact us at all with regards to general queries we will always do our best to give you a good idea how we can transform your outdoor living requirements over the phone or email.

The first step is for us to visit you personally to perform a free site survey (or remote survey if this isn't possible) so we can assess the site and advise you on any ground works which might be required prior to an installation.

  • Stage 1 - A 10% deposit will be required to confirm your order & manufacturing slot (our lead times are currently running at 6-12 weeks)
  • Stage 2 - We confirm your estimated date of installation and advise you to start the preparations for your foundation (we can prepare this for you on request)
  • Stage 3 - We inform you of your manufacturing allocation and when this is due to commence, we will update you on progress and request your 40% manufacturing instalment
  • Stage 4 - We keep you updated with the progress of the manufacture of your build in our workshop and work with you to design the finer details of your internal finishes/paint shades and electrical layout and your delivery date will be booked.
  • Stage 5 - Rotunda arrival! On the first day of installation a 45% progress payment is requested
  • Stage 6 - Full installation of your Rotunda will take place and the time scale will vary for approximately 5-12 days on site for the smaller garden rooms to 3-8 weeks for the more complex builds, such as cafés, yoga studios, classrooms and leisure builds. is complete and the final fixings are checked and snagged; you are presented with the keys, a completion certificate and a full assessment of the build
  • Stage 7 - Once the build is complete, final fixings are checked and snagged, you are presented with your keys, you will be asked to sign your completion certificate to confirm you are fully satisfied with our services.
  • Stage 8 - Completion payment - we request the final 5% payment once we have left site which will be due within 7 days.
  • Stage 9 - Time to open the champagne, sit in your Rotunda (or on the veranda if you have opted for one!) and dream of all of the memories you'll make in this very special eco-building.

"We adore our rotunda! she is truly beautiful. As soon as you had gone yesterday, we both lay down on our backs on the still warm floor and spent the next half hour gazing up into the ceiling, watching the oak leaves and clouds through the roof-light dome. Just heavenly! The energy of the space is truly magical. Thank you!"

Perhaps you might need a bathroom after all… or a log burning stove in 5 years time… or if you'd just like to share a cup of tea and chat about how much you love your Rotunda; we love to hear from our clients.