What is a Rotunda? @ Rotunda Roundhouses – Unique Garden Rooms & Yurt Style Eco-Buildings

Timber Framed, Sustainable, Modular Eco-Buildings

The Rotunda is a handcrafted and bespoke timber framed modular eco-building. 

You may have spotted a unique and exclusive Rotunda in an area near you. They’re most commonly used as:

  • School classrooms and early-years buildings
  • 1-2 bedroom eco-dwellings and micro-homes
  • Yoga studios
  • Holiday Lodges (as self-contained holiday cottages)
  • Treehouses (for leisure and tourism)
  • Therapy rooms
  • Garden Granny / Carer Annexes
  • Commercial buildings such as cafes/restaurants and gift shops

This list is not exhaustive! The only limit to these superb little buildings’ flexibility is your imagination…. see our gallery for some inspiration!

The Rotunda is manufactured in the North West of England and transported all over the UK and Europe in Pre-fabricated panels.  Once arrived at it’s destination, our joinery team install it in as little as 10 working days, right up to the final paint finish.  This building is supplied with Argon filled double glazed windows, damp-proof membranes and full mains electrics as well as interior and exterior finishes as part of the package.  Each and every building is bespoke dependent on the finishes chosen to complete your package and the orientation of the windows and doors.

There is one sure-fire way to know whether it’s a genuine ‘Rotunda’ you’ve seen; and that’s by the recognisable Mandala on the door. Our symbol, and emblem of quality and authenticity.  Each of our buildings proudly displays one!

Commonly, Rotunda Roundhouses are extended out in a radial arc to create bathroom and kitchen units and most of our clients opt for a veranda to enhance the entryway and to provide a shelter for outdoor seating or storage.

Timber-framed Rotunda buildings are installed in various sizes; from the small (2 person) 4m diameter garden office to a 12m diameter educational building.    These buildings can be extended, connected and configured to create an almost infinite number of unique configurations; perfectly suited to your particular project and lifestyle.

If you’re searching for a Granny Annexe, garden studio, yoga room, school classroom, nursery building or holiday cottage there really is no better building for an authentic and uplifting experience than the Rotunda Roundhouse.

*NB  You may not need full planning approval for a garden room or studio but as soon as you connect to mains water and start using these buildings commercially or as a guest bedroom your planners will need to be informed.  (We can manage this process for your convenience if you’d prefer).  See our planning tips page for more guidance!

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