Assisted-Build Roundhouse Kits @ Rotunda Roundhouses – Unique Garden Rooms & Yurt Style Eco-Buildings

Are you a DIY enthusiast, a charity or community project or are you just keen to get your friends and family involved in the assembly of one of your most memorable investments?!

There are seven sizes to choose from – all of which are delivered in easy to assemble, manageable panels for handling & storage:

  • The “Squirrel” at 3.5m internal diameter, 4m external diameter
  • The “Rabbit” at 4m internal diameter, 4.5m external diameter
  • The “Otter” at 4.5m internal diameter, 5m external diameter
  • The “Fox” at 5m internal diameter, 5.5m external diameter
  • The “Badger” at 5.5m internal diameter, 6m external diameter
  • The “Stag” at 6m internal diameter, 6.5m external diameter

Some of the main benefits of the kit option include:

– The kit is delivered to your home and our installations manager will join you and your crew to assist you with the  assembly, to guide and instruct your helpers.

– You can turn your Rotunda installation into an event which is fun and rewarding!

– All of the panels are finished in our workshop to external finishes and internal service cavity, allowing you to retrospectively fit the electrics, wall linings, skirting boards, architraves and flooring with your local tradesman, electrician and helpers.  The KIT comprises of:

  • Insulated wall panels finished to membranes and cladding on external face (cladding for lapping joints provided)
  • Insulated roof panels finished to shingled roof tiles on external face (extra tiles for the ridges provided)
  • 900mm double glazed roof light dome and compression collar
  • Central Rooflight flange and lighting collar
  • Fully Glazed Front Door
  • Windows and glazing
  • All door and window furniture
  • Oiled & Stained Softwood feature beams
  • Insulated structural floor panels from the breather membranes to the chipboard flooring – ready for your own selected flooring to be laid (floorboards can be provided)
  • All electrical cable/switches/sockets etc in a kit for your electrician to fit
    (All panels come fully insulated.  Service cavity for electrics provided – ready for your local electrician to retrospectively fit the electrical components)

You will be free to manage the (a) site preparation (b) assembly, final fixes and electrics (c) bribing your friends, neighbours, local tradesmen and a friendly electrician with a BBQ (or their favourite tipple!) to give you a helping a hand on this monumental occasion!

Please do contact us if this is a project you might like to get started in your garden or place of work.